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Day 16 of 30 Day Book Challenge

The Restorer (Graveyard Queen #1) - Amanda Stevens

Day 16 - Favorite female character


Amanda Stevens writes not only a sultry gothic feel but created an amazing heroine in 
Amelia Gray of the Graveyard Queen series. 

   Amelia had her hands full with her gift of seeing ghosts and more surprises along the way. I really like Ameila as she just doesn't rush into trouble, but slowly figures out what is going on around her. It's not an easy road she's on and even more so with her relationship with John Devlin who she loves but things keep getting in the way.

   There is a gothic romance feel between the two, and what can I say when the name Jane Eyre is mention! 

   And while I don't tend to read books that are creepy (cause I can only have some many nightlights on at once) I love both this author and series and plan to buy a lamp when the next book in this series comes out...just in case!