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Day 10 of 30 Day Book Challenge

Owl in Love - Patrice Kindl

Day 10 - A book that reminds you of home

  Like the cut of freshly mowed grass or the slight scent of a old perfume, books trigger old memories for me.  Most if not all the time I can tell you what was happing in my life when I pick up one book or another (yes, I have an oddly great memory and yet I can never remember what I ate yesterday) Owl in Love by Patrice Kindl triggers a time in my life where their was such great changes going on. Not all of them great and not all of them bad. I remember the happiness and laughter of my friends and family and the creeping dread that would come over me. Which later on I would be diagnosis with Panic Disorder at age sixteen. 

     But in the moment of change, I found happiness and something I struggle with for sometime- being happy with just being me. I found myself understanding Owl as she to goes through her own changes in life.  I am content and happy with myself and that strength I would find then would help me through the next few years as I struggled with my panic disorder, getting up in the morning or walking outside my own front door. Owl In Love reminds me of my own strength within myself and the love and support I found at home from my family to this day who hold my hand and are there through thick and thin!