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Dark Lover  - J.R. Ward In the dark of night a deadly turf war is raging one and when reporter Beth Randall is thrown into this unknown and unsafe world she must put her trust in a warrior vampire Wrath to keep her safe as he slowly starts to change her world..... What can I say that hasn’t been said yet about the BDB series? That’s pretty tough to do, but looking at it through new eyes and non-PNR/picky PNR reader, I can say I understand why this series holds a special place in so many hearts of readers. This started off with a great bang as JR. Ward lays the foundation to the series as you follow Beth as she’s introduced into a dark war between Vampires and the ones whom hunt them the Lessers. Beth POV was the best for the reader to understand the world, Beth was a great lead with a great head on her shoulders and really took things in stride while keeping on her toes in the face of danger. Wrath blew hot and cold to much while being jealous of anyone near Beth then getting all teary eyed when she took care of one of the brother, then trying to stay away from her but having a lot of time to have sex with her. Yeah, Wrath was cool but won’t be written down as my favorite brother. The sex and romance was hot between Beth and Wrath and I could totally see JR Ward stepping it up a notch into erotica romance if she wanted to . While I thought some of the romance was a little of the cheesy side and sex happen way to fast between them, it didn’t stop my enjoyment as the couple got together. JR Ward has improved by leaps and bounds from Dark Lover to her latest releases, she has a knack for creating a bondship between characters and the brothers interaction with each other and Butch had me smiling. One thing I did notice though was JR Ward hasn’t seem to broke the habit of writing to much information or giving the reader unnecessary information or POVs. I could have cared less about the bad guy and his new recruit and all the bad stuff they were planning. I felt that could have been shorten or left out.Overall: Even with the cheesy parts, and the unnecessary POVs I couldn’t put the book down until I was at the end and leaving me wanting to pick up the next in the series as quickly as I could!