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It Happened One Night - Lisa Dale A single event can shape and change’s someone’s life forever..when a spring fling results with a surprise pregnancy, Lana Biel is faced with many changes in her life, with the outcome not only effecting her but her sister Karin who craves a child of her own and the man who has loved Lana for so long her best friend Eli Ward. With this single event changing and touching each of their lives leading them on a path of understanding, forgiveness and love........ It Happened One Night is a mix on contemporary romance and inspirational romance with the author Lisa Dale leaving the reader with some great food for thought through it’s pages. The story centers around Lana, her sister Karin and her BF Eli as they deal with Lana’s pregnancy, their feelings of the past and how it shaped their lives today. The book is broken up in months not chapters with each month followed with a little info on a wildflower that foreshadows the events to come and further broken down to days as it follows the events leading to Lana’s due date. Lana and her sister Karin had a hard childhood with a uncaring father who ran a boarding house and never gave the girls a second thought unless he needed them to help clean or cook. Growing up in the uncaring environment Karin and Lana stick close to together, with Karin acting more at times like a mother then a sister to Lana. Lana and Karin set up the Wildflower Barn which they sell wildflowers and art. But Lana craves more, being free-spirited, Lana dreams of traveling, but feels tied down by her sister whom craves roots. Not wanting to hurt her sister by leaving her, Lana stays, but when one night leaves her pregnant. Lana must makes the choice of giving up her dreams of being free or being tried down or pushing away the man whose loves her so many long years...... Eli Ward has been in love with Lana since college even after a magical night, Lana made it clear with a hurtful event they could only be friends. Because of this Eli has always hide his feelings for Lana tightly in his heart. But with her sudden pregnancy, Eli finally opens his eyes that he can’t just give up on Lana with the pull between the as great as ever and keep being her friend, he decides that he’ll either have her by his side or let her go once and for all...... Karin has married a wonderful man and has a good life, but she craves more, she wants a child, but no matter how she tried, she can’t seem to get pregnant because of this she starts to slowly hurt the ones she loves with anger. When she learns of her sister’s pregnancy, she hurt beyond words, but sees this as her chance to finally have the child she wants, but in process she starts to lose sight of everyone around her and their feelings in her quest to have a child of her own. The book doesn’t only center around the building romance of Lana and Eli, but the relationships of everyone involved. The pace of the book at times can become down right boring with everyday happenings, but the pace is very easy going and doesn’t leave you wondering if you missed anything. The characters are really the greatness point in all of the book, showing something we all must go through as each comes to his or her own decision about their feelings and choices. With Lana you can either love her or hate her or become indifferent. At times you wonder where her head was at and other times you wanted to give her a big hug and other times she just didn’t know. Lana showed something we all deal with in our lives “the crossroads”. Do we go this way: carefree and trouble free or do we take the other road where we chose love and become the mature adult. The author showed this in Lana as she must decide to give up her baby or finally put down roots and raise her baby but also finally accept the love Eli has had been carrying for her. Lana at times was pretty selfish in the way she acted toward Eli but due to her childhood was scared of putting down roots and risking her friendship and have it blow it her face and lose Eli and the deep fear of her becoming like her father scared her to think of giving up her baby. Lana does chose the road she must travel and as she does she becomes not only a stronger mature woman, but someone willing to accept the love of another a child and let go of her fears, forgive and take a leap of faith. I loved Eli, he was a true beta hero with small bit of gamma in him, Eli as a meteor. hunter/teacher, he loves the stars but loves Lana even more. Eli at first is a push-over period. Loving Lana for years but staying as her friend is almost close to self inflicting torture, and I wonder how he could have stayed around so long with Lana kinda always messing up relationships. I just couldn’t but cheer for him as he finally stood his ground and started to win Lana over and calm her fears. Eli was sweet and the love scenes him and Lana were just as sweet, but he never pushed Lana to do his bidding, but coaching and gentle told her his feelings and where he stood without coming across like an a-hole. His words of love to Lana brought tears to my eyes, even though there was a misunderstanding between him and Lana, Lana and him still had some of trust issues to work through, but after getting through that hurdle it’s clear sailing for both of them. Karin was the hardest of the three to understand. Her craving for a child started to put a wedge between not on her husband but her sister as well, as she started to push the issue of letting her take Lana’s child. Karin wanted the family she always wanted as a child, but because of this she became blinded to everyone and became selfish. No one can understand the need of a child then a woman whom wants one. But her need became to great, that she had to lose everything to see what she was doing. Karin was ruled by her past more then Lana, her wounds ran deep but through her understanding and forgiveness of her father and her childhood Karin comes to terms as she helps Lana deliver the baby. Many of the leads face their own crossroads some that many us of face everyday, but through their trails they find peace they sought.Overall: a beautiful written story with a deep depth to each character as they chose their road in the crossroad of life, and find peace in their souls through love and a some faith.