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Familiar Scars - Christy Leigh Stewart, Megan Hansen Orphaned children and left for dead Orabella and Rosalyn make a living any way they can as they grow from children to young women. When they land a good job with Rosalyn singing at a tavern, Mr. Satine an admirer offers riches beyond the women’s dreams, but while Mr.Satine offers riches to Rosalyn, he only seems to dislike Orabella. When Mr.Satine and Orabella start to see beyond their masks, Mr.Satine is reveled to have a past just as scarred... Set in the dark Victorian streets, orphaned children Orabella and Rosalyn have been left for dead, after their attack Orabella left with her throat half slit and Rosalyn’s eye busted that left it dark red. Struggling to live, Orabella takes care of Rosalyn who in a state in shock of seeing the third child who was with them killed. Orabella pulls herself together and Rosalyn leaving behind it all and trying to live on the streets. Many years later, Orabella and Rosalyn had made a living doing everything expect sell their bodies. With some luck Rosalyn is able to land a job as a tavern singer, who brings in many admirers every night, none so persistent as Mr.Satine. Who by chance is able to convince the very awe-stuck Rosalyn to become her own personal singer to entertain his guests. Thinking it’s a huge mistake Orabella sees the joy in Rosalyn all the pretty dresses Mr.Satine gives her, but her dislike and mistrust of Mr.Satine are shared by the man himself. When Orabella’s and Mr.Satine’s pasts are slowly reveled they feel a deeper pull toward one another that neither would have never expected... Both dark with some very sharp humor at times Familiar Scars, follows Orabella and her friend Rosalyn as they meet up with the very unusual Mr.Satine. The horrors that the girls face tears at you heart, but you can only feel respect for them as they keep living. The dependency they have to each other, mostly Rosalyn toward Orabella , show how scared and how they only had each other through the years. When Mr.Satine comes into the picture Orabella only thinks he wants one thing and that’s Rosalyn in his bed. Trying to urge him away, he sets her down harshly and that starts to war of words between the two. Orabella is the mature , motherly type toward Rosalyn, something she’s had to be thinking Rosalyn is to child-like in her outlook. Which at times very true. Rosalyn does show some maturity, but not often enough, she is loyal to a fault and loves Orabella, but very child-like. Mr.Satine cares for Rosalyn, but for other reasons and not any where near sexual. He meets his match with Orabelle whose words cut him deep, but he feels a deep connection to her, that he can’t fight as he falls in love with her. While the story holds a horror feel to it, it slowly loses it’s darkness, but still remains cloudy. While never lagging, more often then not, felt very modern with the characters having a more modern today feel and outlook to them, then one of stuffy Victorian era. Which kinda made you feel your were reading a modern horror story. Overall: with light romance, a touch of horror and a good dose of humor Familiar Scars will give the reader an enjoyable read.