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When the Lights Go Down - Heidi Betts When Gwen Thomas reaches her 31st birthday, she sees she really hasn’t done anything truly daring in her life. She decides to go all out and changes from a shy quiet librarian to a vixen for one night, but when she meets with Ethan Banks that one night will change her life forever In the mood for an over the top, sexy and fast paced romance? When The Lights Go Down by Heidi Betts hits the spot with her very loveable leads and the unexpected love that hits them. Gwen Thomas wakes up on her 31st birthday as sees her life as an old cat lady maid flash before her eyes, before that happens she decides to break free for one night of her quiet librarian life to a be an outgoing vixen but most importantly lose virginity to a hot guy! While I don’t think any of us panic to the point that Gwen does that she has to lose her virginity, but I think many of us can understand when we reach a point in our lives and want a change to even for one night, let it all go and be free from the troubles of our daily lives. Gwen still is pulled off just as a everyday woman that’s shy and needs a little push to get out of her shell, so she’s really lucky when she runs into Ethan Banks the owner of a local club Hot Spot. After a rather nasty break-up with his ex-wife, Ethan has decided to live the life of a bachelor, while running his club The Hot Spot, he has all the women he could or want, but when he sees a bit of a tipsy Gwen leaving with a lesure suit, sleeze ball, Ethan follows his gut and quickly takes charge and gets Gwen away and into a taxi, he’s surprised when she asks to go to his house, and trying to play the gentleman he offers her a place to sleep off her drinks, but when Gwen asks for a kiss before she leaves...but things go from innocent to steamy and Gwen and Ethan make love, the sex scenes in this book are not only very steamy but very romance with the very sexy to die for Ethan, who ranks up there with some of the sweetest heroes who I wish was totally for real, cause I would totally snatch him up! After the one night, Gwen leaves thinking her time was up and Cinderella had to go back to her normal life, but Ethan can’t get her out of his head and by pure chance spots her again , Gwen loves being with Ethan but still doesn’t see a man like Ethan being in love with her or want a real relationship with her if he knew whom she truly is instead of the disguise and a little white lie she tells him, Ethan on the other hand starts to finally get over his bitterness he found he was carrying after his ex-wife stomped on his heart and is willing to lay in on the line again for Gwen. Even when this book might have a big misunderstanding written all over it, it’s great that Ethan and Gwen really talk it out and come to terms with their troubles, the truth and their love. This book is pretty much fast pace with a great steam level with the growing love between Gwen and Ethan. Overall: in the mood for a over the top romance that is fast paced with two understandable and loveable leads? Look no farther then When The Lights Go Down!