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The Perfect Match - Norma Lee Clark Since she was a little girl Sydney Armytag has taken care of her younger sister after the death of their mother, taking the role of sister and mother, Sydney has high hopes for her beautiful younger sister to marry well, and when Sir Max Westbrook arrives in the neighborhood, Sydney thinks Sir Max and her sister would be a perfect match, only she finds herself falling in love with Sir Max herself. A simple and very enjoyable old school regency romance with the leads lives and their own HEA intertwined with those around them. Sydney is a kind but strong woman sometimes blinded to her own feelings putting her sister and others in front of her own happiness. I liked Sydney, as she goes through a ringer of emotions when dealing with Sir Max and thinking he loves another, but not just anyone, her own sister. On the other hand Sir Max, falls in love with Sydney’s kindness, and sweet caring nature, but through a few misunderstanding and jumping the gun, both don’t see their in love with one another until the very end Their love though does have some people getting in the way, but they do get their sweet HEA. I though Sydney’s sister Meriel should had her own book, with her sudden and growing love after visiting her godmother. Meriel is very cool headed and isn’t vain or selfish, and although doubts surface, Meriel and her love Edward do end up happy together, which leads the selfish villains Morgan and Annabelle to get crow, mostly the very selfish Morgan who pretty much played with women once Sydney herself, but when he finally sees he’s in love with Meriel, it’s Meriel that sees how truly shallow he is. I thought it was fitting how both Morgan sees when he’s finally in love everything comes back around ten-fold and he gets stuck marrying a Annabelle whom will make each other very unhappy. Overall: a sweet regency romance, with a simple plot but a growing depth of showing love and how it grows when we least expect it.