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Debt of Honor - Diana Brown "What is honor?”“What is a Lady’s honor compare to a Gentleman’s honor? And is it a double edge sword” Diana Brown’s Debt of Honor raises some thought provoking questions about honor, debts and a woman’s place in a time where they had no true place. This was a purely character driven novel that is not seen as much on the shelves of today, but still a truly amazing gem to read. Miss Fiona Guthrie is a woman before her time, where she believes women have the same rights as men, she doesn’t look down on women of lower birth or those whom happen to be mistresses of men. She feels with the right education women could do so much more and truly be on equal footing with men. Even though penniless due to her father’s gambling and later her brother’s Fiona teaches at a local school girls whom wants to be more, holding a dream she could open a bigger school for girls. Fiona’s ideals are before her time, through the book her ideals and faith in her dreams never fade but only grow stronger, and even when faced with a choice that may cost her innocence she believes..no, knows her self-worth in more. When her brother gets in over his head, Fiona turns to her family and later to Lord Peter Chalmsforth for help, in trade for one night in bed. Lord Peter Chalmsforth thinks his troublesome younger brother is involved with a woman whom is wanting to raise her status in life, but when he mistakenly thinks Fiona is this woman, he quickly sees how wrong he is, and offers his deep sorrow for his actions and as he finds more about her, he feels she is one of the most amazing women’s he’s even met and falls half way in love with her, until she comes to him with an offer that knocks her down in his mind in a fall from grace. Peter is short terms can act like very prudish in his outlook on women. In his mind a lady is a lady and a whore is a whore. He doesn’t see the bigger picture that their women, with minds of their own. While Fiona doesn’t change through the novel, it’s Peter whom is the one whom changes the most through Fiona’s questions of prostitution The ladies whom sell themselves to the highest bidder at the marriage mart without love or the women whom chose their lovers, whom truly has more freedom? And loving someone means accepting them for themselves. There is so many wonderful aspects to this book I could only begin to scratch the surface and no doubt give away the plot, how the story is so deeply woven together, and through this book Peter and Fiona answers these questions in their own ways , but not without a few bumps in the road from a villain whom gets his to just the trials and errors of love. But Peter and Fiona are what that make this book that shining gem that it is.Overall: what can I truly say about this outstanding hidden romance gem? Only perhaps that I love it. And everyone needs to get themselves a copy and check it for themselves, you won’t regret it!