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Tempt the Devil - Anna Campbell From the moment he first saw the famous courtesan Olivia Raines, Julian Southwood, Earl of Erith wanted her, as he plans and makes arrangements to make her his new mistress, he finds out there’s more to this well-sought courtesan then meets the eye. Olivia finds the life of a courtesan tiresome after so many years,but finds a challenge in Erith and sets out to prove he’s just like her old keepers. As the wagers are set, a battle of wills between Olivia and Julian flare up with sexual tension with the winner taking all or nothing. Anna Campbell stories always fulfills my love for the darker side of romance, Tempt the Devil is no exception as I got caught up quickly in story. Julian came across as a prime Alpha Male throwing his weight around, thinking only of himself and hiding behind his grief of the lost of his young wife. He has so many strikes against him from the start you wonder how he’s going to ever been redeemable. Julian sees the error of his ways early on, not only with the way he treated Olivia but with his own life and the way he avoided his own children. He loved and adored his wife so much that he ran away and kept running until he met Olivia who’s own scars are deep and very painful. Julian did surprise me in being a tender lover from the start and didn’t find any pleasure when his lover didn’t enjoy the act as much as he. It was a blow to his male pride when he finds out Olivia was faking the act, which forces a wager between the two. Julian’s change was very swift and not gradual, at times he seemed somewhat two faced speaking before thinking. Although he did redeem himself at the “very” end. Unlike Julian, Olivia’s change was gradual as she comes to terms with her past and making a stand to want better. Olivia put Julian through the ringer, but I couldn’t help but be on her side. Julian kept pushing her and although I can understand where he was coming from, instead of being kind and coaching the pain forward, he forces the issues. Olivia’s strength and courage and her not taking any crap from Julian made me cheer for her! The sexual tension between the two was hot, each sex scene wasn’t just about sex but about trust and moving past the pain. I never doubted the love between the two as they heal each other and pour their hearts out, it made you feel for both of them and understand where they came from. I smiled when Olivia wouldn’t bow down to Julian’s demands at the end and when he finally sees her then more then just a lover. It was also cute to revisit Kylemore and Soraya and seeing their love staying strong. Overall: a wonderful read of two strong-willed people finding their equal in each other as they put their demons to rest and heal their souls with love.