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Untouched - Anna Campbell Anna Campbell’s romance books may not fall under any typical romance, her stories drawn you into a dark world sensual world with characters that will pull and rip at your heart strings. While Claiming the Courtesan was at times a hard pill to shallow for some, Untouched was such a tragic story with a deep sensual level between Grace and Matthew. Still in keeping with the darker side of romance. Untouched kept you at the edge at all times never giving you leave until the ending chapters with surprises at ever turn. Matthew was such a tragic hero, going through hell for eleven years of his life you would think he be bitter and strike anyone that would reach out to him. Instead you met a strong and kind man who’s very soul is stronger then most. He’s made the best of his prison but never truly giving up hope to be free from his cage. His distrust of Grace at first was to be expected, but slowly he’s able to see who Grace really was and slowly starts to falls head over heels in love with her. Grace the once pampered daughter of a rich family, becomes humble through her young girl selfishness and the trials life deals her, but finally at her breaking point she still keeps going forward and her fateful meeting with Matt changes her again. Her past pains make her able to see and open up to Matt and let him be able to open up to her. While the thought of Matthew as a virgin may be shocking as many Alpha Males litter the romance shelves, Campbell shows that Matt can tangle with the big boys and proves his sensual level and his ability to be a quick learner *wink* While the villain in Claiming the Courtesan felt unnecessary, the villain in this story only added height to the already intense story. Showing the lengths both Grace and Matt would go for each other.Overall: An amazing story with dark undertones and high sensual level. But most of all proving that love can truly set you free.