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Mr. Impossible

Mr. Impossible - Loretta Chase This was such a fun and delightful read it had me laughing till my sides hurt! Rupert wasn't a tragic hero (!!!) wasn't someone who had any hardships (!!!) what he is, is a loveable dork with a carefree, laid-back attitude with a sly sense of humor that would have anyone either shaking their heads or laughing along with him. Although he makes everyone assume he has nothing in his head, he surprises everyone and even himself with his insight on people and matters, but always has time for a good fight and naming every animal he comes across some oddball name even the boat he happens to sail. Unlike other romance heros, he pretty upfront with his feelings and doesn’t hide behind a temper or runs away from troubles but fights them head on which ends up getting him into more trouble. Which Daphne usually has to bail him out of. Daphne is bookish and doesn’t have to much to do with the outside world expect for anything dealing with her books and studies. She cares deeply for her brother and goes out of her way to save him even so much as getting help from the so called dumb ox Mr. Rupert Carsington, but because she’s pretty much become a hermit after the death of her first husband ,trying to prove her worth in a man’s world, she’s been missing out on life. With a temper and guts she goes on a misadventure with Rupert finding herself along the way. Rupert and Daphne are a great pair, bringing out something in each other that they didn’t even know they had in them. With Daphne, she was scared of people’s judgement of her and her work, she hides behind her brother and his name. Self-conscious about her looks and passion from her husband’s treatment blooms with Rupert. With Rupert he finds someone to protect and someone who will stand beside him no matter what with a sense of humor to boot! I thought it was pretty charming when Rupert finally figures out he’s in love with Daphne not knowing what that emotion was along. The tension between the two is great adding more humorous moments to an already humor filled book. The secondary characters were great and moved the story along in a fast pace adding adventure and trouble in the pathway of Rupert and Daphne. I feel my only trouble with the whole book wasn’t the story or any of it’s characters, but with the way it was told, I really couldn’t get the hang of how Loretta Chase kept jumping back and forth between characters POVs and found it pretty annoying at times.Overall: a adventure filled romance boos with two characters you can’t help but love and lots of humor that will having you laughing long after you read it!