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The Best Laid Plans (Harlequin Super Romance)

The Best Laid Plans - Sarah Mayberry When I pick up a Sarah Mayberry book, I know I’m going to be in for a major treat of very real characters, and a deep story plot not found in too much in short novellas of today. The Best Laid Plans is another winner by Mayberry, that as a woman in now her mid-twenties can understand more about what it will be and means to woman to be a mother. Not a mother myself, I felt for the heroine Alex Knight as she wakes up one day to find that her time is ticking by to have a child. Then her desperate race to have a child by other means, instead of marriage she once dreamed of. Along with Alex I learned about how laws in other counties and how they handle sperm donors and the such, but mostly is was a journey for Alex and later Ethan about discovering something in themselves that pushed them beyond their past hurts and insecurities that truly made this book shined. Ethan wasn’t your cookie cut-out hero and I never expect Mayberry heroes will ever will be. He had a lot of doubts but like Alex wanted to be a parent and both see a golden dream in this sperm donation, both get what they want clean and simple. Life though isn’t that way, as they process into work buds, friends and more. There was so much packed into this small book, that I ate it up, I enjoyed ever moment, and could understand how and why both Alex and Ethan fell in love with one another. They still have a few bumps in the road, but by the end of the book you know, both can and will overcome anything- together.