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Shattered Souls - Mary Lindsey Ghost are real. From those who wish to say goodbye to their love ones, to those who wish to hurt and take over another's soul. And only a Speaker and a Protector stand in the way, Because Ghost are real. Mary Lindsey's debut novel puts an new and and story gripping twist on ghosts and the ones in charge of keeping everything in order here on earth. Lenzi thinks like her father, she's going truly mad. The voices she keeps hearing is driving her to the brink. Popping pills to keep the voices down and trying to hold it together for her Mom and her Boyfriend Zak, Lenzi doesn't know where to turn to until one night she meets a young man Alden, who tells her the voices are real, their ghosts and only she can help them, and time is slowly running out for Lenzi as a evil spirit wants her dead....again.. Lindsey not only creates a new mythology for the ghosts while keeping it traditional, but a system of people who are reincarnated over and over again in order to keep the peace for souls and the people. This may have some kudos points of knowing what to do, but also carries the chains from past lives. The author plays with the theory about being reincarnated, but with a clean slate. Lenzi is such, as a Speaker, she’s able to talk to ghosts, and let them enter her body in order for the ghosts to finish what they wanted or needed to do in this plain. Protectors are like their namesakes, and can share their souls and feel a deep connection to their Speaker. And Lensi and Alden go way back, but the catch? Lenzi has no memory of this... I felt for Lenzi as she goes through a difficult time, unknown to what is happing to her. All her emotions and actions are pretty much on the dot to what anyone would act like if faced with what she does. The beauty of Lenzi is her deep belief in herself and others, that gets her out of some tricky situations and later saves the lives of others. Lenzi growth from scared young woman to a strong Speaker is what makes this book that much more great. Alden on the other hand makes the story complete with him teaching Lenzi the ropes, and giving the reader an insight to the whole system of how it’s done, something he’s never had to do before. His emotions are just as confusing as Lenzi as they share a deep past and he remembers it. Alden is a play by the book kinda guy, who cares deeply, but is afraid of the What ifs. I love how such a gentleman he was, and wanted to smack the crap outta him for being to much in the rules and by the play book. Still he was a major sweetie. The world building was excellent, with the reader learning along with Lenzi what it takes to just be a Hearer and the past life dangers in all entails. The action took a backseat to all the cases Lenzi took with learning. The raised conflict between her boyfriend Zak was something I would have left out, yes he wanted to help Lenzi, but at the same time I felt as a troubled soul, he could have gotten better help, but perhaps it shows that some people are meant to help in other ways, in order to save another life. For a debut Mary Lindsey wins the prize, for a creative work that stands out from the pack.