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And Then He Kissed Her (Girl-Bachelor Series #1)

And Then He Kissed Her (Girl-Bachelor Series #1) - Emma Dove at day is the perfect secretary working for the Lord of a publishing house, at night and her off time she’s working on etiquette books, hoping against hope that one day her boss will accept one of her manuscripts. She finally has enough when her boss slips up and she finds out he’s never even read any of her books! Realizing life is passing her up, she finally steps up and gets her manuscripts published by her old boss’s rival publishing house. Her works are finally getting popular and feeling life is good, life gives her a blow when she finds out her ex-boss had bought her publishing newspaper! Harry Marlowe had enough of the social niceties after his public and nasty divorce has made him and his family the social outcasts, so having to deal his secretary’s etiquette books is like having a tooth pull. But when he’s ever even tempter secretary up and leaves and then makes herself popular with “etiquette column” at a newspapers he’s had his eye on, well enough is enough! Finally buying the paper along with his ex-secretary’s ever growing popular etiquette column , Harry finally sees Emma has more talent then he’s given her credit for and also knows a good thing to make money when he sees one, he just didn’t count that etiquette would be the last thing on either of their minds. As Emma and Harry start working on the column they start seeing behind their working relationship to a more personal one with a sexual tension that could be cut by a knife and a relationship that will change their loves forever. This was such a great read, that will leave a smile on your face throughout the whole book. The scenes and banter between Emma and Harry were sweet, funny and on such a high sensual level it will leave you reaching for a cool glass of water! Emma was a lot of fun, she was prim and always proper but living her life to please others and when Harry starts to shake up her life you start to see another great side of her. She was pretty much in the background as Harry’s secretary but when she finds her backbone, Harry finds her more then a even match for him. The history buff in me was tickled when learning about girl bachelors and the old language of using a fan. Harry was sex on two legs, with his wicked humor, devil charm (plus worried about his family!) and oh so H.O.T sex talk he would whisper into Emma’s ear plus his way with chocolate was swoon-worthy . Harry and Emma had some tragic moments in their pasts but through their relationship they start to work through, with Harry learning to take another chance and Emma learning to live without the chains of society holding her down. This is my favorite type of romance, when there’s a build up then the couple just jumping into bed with each other. The sensual level between Emma and Harry is smoking and the build up is just as hot as the sex scenes in the book. It was just as satisfying to see them spending time learning about each other with a few very sigh worthy moments in the end. Without the huge misunderstanding that many books use time and again, Harry and Emma’s relationship never took a step back or drag on but just kept moving forward to a wonderful and happy ending. Overall: a joy to read that will have you hooked on the first page.With a good girl being a little bad and a bad boy being a little good as they discover each other and fall in love.