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Then Came You

Then Came You - Lisa Kleypas I loved this book, that after I finished reading it, I flipped to the first page and started to re-read it again. At first glance Alex Raiford is your typical A Alpha Male, wanting it his way or the highway. But slowly your shown what has left Alex so cold and unfeeling and that he’s finally has to see that he’s been hiding behind this pain and building a wall around himself and the one person he didn’t want around him in a million years is the one who opens his eyes. Lily is a cutting, gambling lady, who goes out of her way to shock the ton and anyone in her path, hiding behind the carefree mask not showing the sad and scared woman looking for a way out from her painful past that still haunts her. When she meets Alex she goes out of he way to shock him, but only needs up needing him as much as he needs her. I really loved how both characters fight, and bicker but you can tell they’re one and the same, when Lily shows Alex what he’s been hiding behind his past pains making it his armor, Alex shows Lily that not all people are the same. The story moved quickly for me, that I was surprised to see 3 hours passed when I finally glanced at the clock. It was just that good, that you can’t help but what to see what happens next. The sensual level is right up there, but don’t expect love scenes ever chapter, it builds through the book but does not disappoint when it does happen and how it comes about! The only secondary character that stood out the most was Derek and making you glad there’s a book out for just him! Overall a wonderful story that will keep you reading till the very end in one sitting with two characters you can fully understand and root for when it comes to they’re happy ever after!