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Gentlemen Prefer Succubi (Succubus Diaries)

Gentlemen Prefer Succubi - Jill Myles Jackie is having a really bad day, not only did she wake up in a dumpster, but told by her sexy one night stand, Noah who also happens to be a fallen angel, she’s been turned into a Succubus, then her body goes from “eh” to red hot. To make matters worse she has a crazy sex drive and when she gets caught between the vampires queen and angels war, she starts to become attracted to her so called vampire tag-along and the vampire queen’s right hand man Zane..Jackie’s life will never been the same dull routine that’s for sure! Jill Myles debut novel was really a fun read, with it’s funny laugh out load moments, some very sexy scenes and overall light story.. Jackie wakes up to find herself in a dumpster, and with a few flash backs finds that she had a wild one night stand, as she stumbles out from the alleyway, she happens to run into her hot night stand Noah, as she takes her to a café, when she tells him about her changes, he freaks her out when he tells her she’s turned into a Succubus! Thinking she always attracted the crazies, she leaves, not without Noah giving her his number in case she needs him. When she gets home, she finds out her body has undergone a crazy change, from a little oversized body to that of a super model, then her urge to have sex starts to overcome her and no where else she calls Noah, who helps her out, by having sex with her, and later introducing her to a fellow Succubus Remy. Just when Jackie thinks she’s got everything somewhat under control, she gets coned into working with the angel, Uriel to do his bidding, and get’s stuck having to find out what the vampire are up to. When she makes a wrong move, she has the vampire queen forcing her to seek out a special halo from an fallen angel or have Noah killed, and having the vampire queen’s hot right hand man Zane shadowing her. Jackie is now in search for this halo with a lot resting on her succubus shoulders... With some very funny shades of The Night Huntress series humor, Succubus Diaries 1 has some laugh out loud moments and a light easy pace all from Jackie’s POV. Not a fan of first person, Jackie was really funny lead. Acting pretty normal in the face of her newly changed self, I could at times understand where Jackie was coming from and at other times, I just found her plain annoying, said to be pretty smart, she came across as pretty dumb is the face of the obvious. But, in the end she was pretty great and some things she said where just so funny! Why am not a fan of double relationships M/F and M/F type of stories because I always feel someone is going to be short changed. I felt this is what happen to the savior, knight in shining armor and fallen angel Noah. He was pretty much the rock for Jackie and I wanted to know more about him,but the readers is given only bits and pieces of him (ith some smokeing hot sex scenes with Jackie, not that I mind!) but I ended up finding out more about the Vampire Queen and Zane, then super hottie Noah Am hoping Noah is more center stage in the up and coming books. Zane on the other hand...wow... Zane was the very yummy right hand man of the vampire queen, and later is connected to Jackie then she first thought. (which is obvious to the reader)Zane behind his bad-boy and devil may care image, was a man who really cared for Jackie, and him along with Noah are the ones I keep coming back for. (Although at the moment am in favor for Zane *grins*) The scenes between Noah and Jackie and Zane and Jackie were super sexy and very hot period. The scene stealer/pornstar/BF and fellow succubus Remy was great, with her fashion sense, and no sense attitude to the life of a succubus, even though sometimes Remy came across as flaky, she was very true and a strong person in the face of many dangers as she helped Jackie. There were some major loose ends and a HFN ending, but it left it open for the next in the series. Overall: a great debut for Jill Myles with her three great leads, she’s an author I’ll be on the look out for!