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The Wedding Duel - Katy Madison



This was a hard book to read.

Not because of the subject, Oh No, because everyone was just so dumb!


The Hero thinks the Heroine is carrying another man's child because the parents and the hero's friend overhears that she "fell from grace" and felt faint.


She fell from her HORSE named Grace and suffered a concussion!


The hero's friends are just as useless.


They all wanted this one woman, BUT she couldn't get the hero, and knew Victor was poor but still slept with him and got married to the third friend George who was a virgin but didn't tell her new hubby that his BFF was her Baby Daddy (but everyone else pretty much had a clue something was up!)


Plus, Victor and the hero both happen to have the same baby daddy making the woe is me BS dragged out way to much.  Them not being the true heirs to their titles.


ALSO! When George spills the beans on Victor being the true Daddy, the Hero has a duel and shoots his BFF Victor in the shoulder - BECAUSE! Then invites them both to the wedding. BECAUSE!


The heroine comes off as a kid, getting into trouble and being a doormat to the hero who instead of point-blank asking her if she's carrying a kid. Tries to push her into confessing. The heroine is clueless and has no idea what's he talking about. 


FINALLY at the 90% mark the h/h have sex and tada! The hero acts like an overbearing asshole trying to save the suicidally George and Victor hooks up with heiress trying to take advantage of her in the carriage just in case. Cause he didn't learn from getting his friend's wife pregnant.


Everything is cleared up - the end


...This book was perfect for my TSTL square but hard to read from the STUPIDITY of these characters!!