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6 Winter Theme Books


I love the winter, everything from getting out my thick coats and boots to watching my frost breath. I'm always looking for books that show this season and not just Christmas. Here's a small list of books to curl up with on those cold days.



Greenglass House by Kate Milford: A middle grade book set in deep winter in a huge rambling hotel or GreenGlass House. A tad slow but a beautiful story about a boy who was adopted and questioning about his past as an what makes a family a family.














 Yoroshiku Master by Sakura Tsukuba: In Japan Christmas is more laid-back with spending it more with your SO (and special KFC buckets - No Lie!) then with your family. This was a very cute manga about a boy who happens to turn into a reindeer looking for his Santa, a lonely girl who has no one to spend the holidays with. As they zoom around the city delivering gifts to good children. These gifts just don't end in the winter either!














   The Friendly Winter: Lee Jun : Started out as a webtoon, this manhwa (Korean comic) will make you cry hard tears. No lie I cried like a baby reading this. This isn't a romance but of two people finding each other & both overcoming their own disabilities with Da-jeong a 19 year old girl with a growth disorder that leaves her in a young girl's body and  Min-Seong a 17 year old who has the mind of a small boy. This slice of life manhwa was just amazing. 















  The Viscount Betrothal: Louise Allen I pretty much love all of Louise Allen's works and this was a great romance with "a caught in a winter storm theme" The romance developed very nicely!
















The blue fox by Sjon A short story that draws from Icelandic sagas, the words are lyrical and just captivating.




















Doctor Zhivago by Boris Pasternak Of course Dr. Zhivago has to be on this list! Classic winter-theme- epic- story. This maybe a tad bit long, but the story carries through so much the pages fly.