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The Secret Bluestocking: Isobel's Traditional Regency Romance by Alicia Quigley

  I have a great weakness for Traditional regencies, that being said I found Alicia Quigley's The Secret Bluestocking a fun little read. While not perfect it still held my attention to the end.
In the vein of Heyer, Quigley tried to be as authentic to the period with speech and mannerism. I felt at times she tried a little to hard that the speech felt still and didn't flow as nicely. This left the witticism and zingers many trads are know for out. She did an excellent job however creating the regency society world with it's ballroom settings and attention to details such as clothing and appearances.
The book was also filled with it's share of troupes of girl wearing pants and the heroine hiding her intelligence such as Isobel Paley does through story.

Isobel was the main trouble I had with the book. She hid and kept alot of secrets and while understandable at the time, she could have owned it within bounds of society instead of it dragging on. Events in her and her close friend's lives turned her off on marriage but with a great man like Lord Francis who proves time and again his worth I didn't feel the reason of turning him away was strong enough anymore. I got tried of the back and forth between her and Francis and the dragging the story down at this point.

Everything is wrapped up very nicely in the end, making it overall a nice read but not remarkable for the genre. Quigley's writing still shines in some instances that this author has alot of room to grow.