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new "accent" tread in tv?

 Maybe it's just me, but since the awesomness that is Sleepy Hallow I've started noticing a pop up of new shows with the male leads having an accent most notable a British or Welsh accent like Matt Ryan. Who will be playing a true to comic version of John Constantine.


 Which made this fangirl happy instead of the emo version with Keanu Reeves that came out a few years ago. Matt acts, looks, and sounds like who Constantine is suppose to be. Expect for the chain smoking which NBC said "that's a big nono" then again has anyone see some recent episodes of SVU???


Then there's Forever with Ioan Gruffudd as the lead. Then again this reminded me of another show New Amsterdam, that I had to see it again to notice that Ioan has kept his accent.


Maybe it's just me, but I sense a tread going on...?