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Death on Eat Street by J.J. Cook

Death on Eat Street - J.J. Cook

 After being passed over again for a yet another promotion, Zoe Chase decides that it's time she goes for dream. Starting with a old restaurant that's in real need of some major work and happens to be on the shady part of town... To get some income into her building business she runs a food truck- Biscuit Bowl that serves some Southern specialty of deep fired biscuit bowls.
Sadly, business isn't booming and to top off the day, Zoe finds a fellow competing food truck owner dead in her front seat. This sudden death puts Zoe and her friends into a murder mystery that has alot of history behind it and time is ticking to find the killer before time runs out...

Having read JJ Cook, the husband and wife team of Joyce And Jim Lavene, stories before. I knew I was in for an wonderful mystery and great characters. With 'Death on Eat Street' they have truly out done themselves, making this perhaps my favorite series from them to date.

Zoe is very relatable on many levels. She's a dreamer but more importantly she's a doer. She gets alot of slack from her parents who are divorce but always tend to join forces to make her see the "error of her way" and even try to get her to marry her ex-bf and put away her dream of cooking and making people happy because of her cooking. Thankfully she has her crazy fun Uncle Saul to back her up along with Ollie her only employee and of course her scene stealer of a cat Crème Brûlée!

When faced with murder Zoe keeps calm and helps picking up clues without running into danger. What made it even better was it didn't feel that Zoe was running into a brick wall with the police, the detective she worked with actually took what Zoe said to heart without it feeling like she was brushing Zoe off.

Added to the mix is the lawyer who tries to keep everyone on the ball and comes to help Zoe, Miguel Alexander, with a sad past and is feeling his way outside the courtroom and getting on with his life. The attraction between Zoe and Miguel is just full of potential that I'm looking forward to seeing their relationship growing and developing.

With each clue and red herring,the mystery built very nicely. I have to say I was a tad surprised and whodunit at the end, and even got a laugh when the true "mastermind" who started the whole fiasco got a taste of his own medicine without being truly left off the hook.

Fabulous start to a brand new series and another keeper from JJ Cook. Can't wait to see more from this series.