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Bloom and Doom - Beverly  Allen

Then I tried to climb gracefully from the back of the truck and down the two feet to Ellen's unkempt stone driveway.

Yeah, that bad.

 I guess I should explain that I still wore my dress and heels because of my scheduled bridal appointment. And high heels and stone driveways just don't mix. My left foot landed squarely enough, but my right heel sliced against a large stone, leaving me topping, just as badly as Ellen had. If it weren't for Nick, who caught me.

 Okay maybe escorting a drunk woman home is good matchmaking. Score one for Liv. Because- cue the violins- we had a moment. One of those corny movie moments where I look up at him, and the entire world melts away except the warmth of his body next to mine as I stare into his limpid eyes. Whatever"limpid" means. But all the world was suspended and empty and faded into the background. Nothing mattered that moment but Nick and me.

  Until Ellen belched loudly, then vomited all over Nick's truck.

  Cut the violins.