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Paws For Murder by Annie Knox

Paws For Murder - Annie Knox

Breaking up with her long time boyfriend, Izzy McHale finally goes home to Merryville, Minnesota. With a flare for design. Izzy decides with the help of her old friend Rena to open a pet boutique. Things are going wonderful on opening night, until the body of Sherry Harper local town activist is found in the alley behind the store and the number one suspect in Rena. Now it's up to Izzy and her old friend and (maybe more)lawyer Sean to prove their friend's innocence!

I adore when a cozy just drives right into the action. Paws for Murder just takes a running leap from page one and leads the reader through a whole lotta suspects who wanted Sherry out and many secrets in what the town's major players been hiding. There was many people who didn't care for Sherry a trust-fund baby and a pain in the butt to many. I was really surprised in the whodunit when the clues lead to the murderer.

Izzy was a great lead, after her break-up, her rose colored glasses got ripped off her eyes and this lead to growth as a character to the people around her and even owning up to her actions. The rest of the characters were just as strong and multi-dimensional from the BF Rena to the love-interest Sean, which I can't wait to see how it develops overtime, given their past history with one another.

This was an great start to this new series and I'm truly looking forward to more from this author and series!