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Day 20 of 30 Day Book Challenge

Lord Endicott's Appetite - Elisabeth Fairchild

Day 20 - Favorite romance book


  What a question to ask someone who bread and butter "is" romance. It's a hard question I've thought over the most while doing this challenge. 

  I stared at my shelves full of romance novels thinking one would pop out at me. 


   I would scroll through my kindle wondering which one effected me the most.


   .....Which one still lingers so long after I first read it..


 It finally came to me with that last question. What linger long after?


Lord Endicott's Appetite by Elisabeth Fairchild had everything I adore in romances, this book almost poetic in it's words and struck deep into the heart of anyone whose ever dealt with grief. It was the power of healing of moving forward and understanding weaknesses that made this book so beautiful. It had it's bumps in the road and no where near perfect, but the characters were able to think things out instead of it leading to some overused troupe. 

  It was the gift of healing and love and support that made this book not only linger but made it memorable. 



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