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Day 15 of 30 Day Book Challenge

Nightlife - Rob Thurman

Day 15 - Favorite male character 


 This was another tough one as I have many male characters who I adore but none go through such major changes then Cal from Cal Leandros series by Rob Thurman. This boy goes from from the woe is me smart ass to a killing (somewhat stable) machine/ smart ass. The change isn't sudden for Cal as he grows up from being a boy hunted by unknown creatures to a man becoming a hunter. 

Nothing shines more (expect Thurman's humor) then the bond Cal has with his brother Niko. These two will die for one another but go down fighting. The brothers truly love one another as they're the inly family they have and it's wonderful to see the that bond strengthen but ever broken. Plus, the extended family of Robin Goodfellow and Promise and the vast world Thurman created makes it one of the best UF series I've read.


“Snap judgments? I'd gotten over those about the time I was toilet trained. Swore off diapers and faith in the human experience all in one week.”


“I'd be a monster fighter who rode the bus. It didn't get any more bad-ass than that.”