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Day 13 of 30 Day Book Challenge

The Wedding Journey - Carla Kelly

Day 13 - Your Favorite Author


   This is a tough question. Like when your Mom said you could take only one teddy bear with you or just choosing that one book...


   So I went with my gut feeling like I always do when it comes to these hard life questions and picking my favorite author was somewhat easy when I took a step back. 


Carla Kelly is an author that creates such strong earthy characters. Her humor can take the reader off guard with a startle laugh and her attention to history is always top notch. Know as the Dukeless" author as she rarely ever has a Lord and never a Duke as her title character and lead. Kelly writes about everyday person and the struggles they face that will always tug at your heart strings and leave you with a gentle smile and perhaps a tear or two in one's eyes...


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