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Day 12 of 30 Day Book Challenge

Enshadowed  - Kelly Creagh

Day 12 - A book you love but hate at the same time


 I think everyone has a certain type of hype for a book, a movie whatever. Enshadowed  by Kelly Creagh sorta lived by to my own personal hype while still being stuck as a middle book with it's super nasty cliffhanger and that ending! WHAT?!?


But I digress...


  Nevermore was such an amazing novel with two different leads from different walks of life falling in love. It was excellent and while it did take awhile for Enshadowed to come out I thought it will be worth the wait. In some ways it was and wasn't. It had to keep you in the story while leaving enough room for the last book. I think that's where I get my love/hate relationship with this book. Is it a good book? Yes! Does it leave you hanging badly? YES! 

 And once again the last of the series won't be out till 2014! Will it be worth the wait? Let's hope so!!