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Day 11 of 30 Day Book Challenge

Heartbreaker (Bestselling Author Collection) - Diana Palmer

Day 11 - A book you hated


 I think every reader has come across a book they hate for the writing, the story lines or it just being plan bad! For me this was the book that broke the proverb camel's back. 

 I've been a huge Diana Palmer fan for years and before this book came out I started to notice a decline in her works. While they were still good they didn't reach the level before. She was ill at the time, so I thought it was because of this. Sadly, when Heartbreaker came out I finally had enough. The hero is a plan ass with no redeeming in sight, the heroine is a doormat and the reason why he treated her so bad was so weak that even a mouse fat could blow it away. 

    I still have a dent in my wall from where I threw it, since then I haven't picked up another Diana Palmer book and don't plan to. I think I hate this book the most because I lost my love and faith in  Diana Palmer's newer works. 

     While I still love her older works I can't afford a hole in my wall for her more recent works which know I would throw them all at.