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Guess what? Its nothing new but I want you guys to read it anyway.

If you're wondering if I received a book or something, you're terribly wrong, buddy.


Because I got this -


Hi Anushka,


Your reviews of The Iron Trial and Untitled were recently flagged by Goodreads members as abusive and/or inappropriate. Threatening other Goodreads members violates our Terms of Service and is not tolerated. As your reviews contained content that was potentially threatening, we have removed them from the site. We have attached copies of the reviews for your personal records.


Best regards,

The Goodreads Team.


That's so nice of GR Team, you attached copies of my reviews! How considerate of you! You guys are the best.






My reviews did not "threaten" any GR member, neither did I pay mafia to shoot up a few people. But, I think it’s useless to debate about this. I mentioned Cassandra Clare by her name in both my reviews and I guess the Cassie club spammed it and according to GR's new policy my reviews were violating it. Bunch of noobs. 

I don't care about them, probably the fact that they like reading her books says a lot but I am so angry and disappointed in GoodReads, I didn't totally feel bad for other guys or exactly understand about the new policies until it happened with me and boy, this SUCKS.


I love GR, it had become my life over this summer. Reading, reviewing and chatting up with my GR friends was all I did. Everyday I'd wake up (or rather finish a book) and come and check my id, then review the book and talk to my buddies. I was free to write everything and anything I wanted. No one was there to hover over my reviews and show me the Red Card.

But this phase? I'm hating it.


First, I get little time to spend on the internet because of my college and whatever time I get, I have to face this? Earlier, I had bubbles of excitement in my stomach when I logged in but now I keep my eyes shut before looking at the screen and spotting another GR-related-rant. This is too much, people. If this is the way it’s gonna be I'm pretty sure people will be leaving this site and migrate towards BookLikes (which btw, is pretty cool once you get the hang of it).


I know I am not making sense and I'm writing in a very shabby way but ...I just want to convey that man, I loved GoodReads. And I am not the only one, I know. Don't you people just loved it? Surrounded by people who love to read as much as you do? Who are ready to chat about books as much as you like to (because your non-readers real-life friends get bored)? GR was a perfect place for us, and the fact that I started reading more regularly (and obsessively) is something owe to GoodReads. 


Another thing that I owe to GR is that it gave me a platform to write reviews and tell it to the world that its mine. I liked to write but I was very shy when it came to taking credit for it. I always used to review the books I read but never created a blog or posted it online but then GR came along and slowly I started doing it. Gradually, the number of people reading my reviews increased and I got that little "ting" whenever I got a notification saying that so and so "liked" your review.

Now see where I am. I created a blog (which is in a dormant state because of my busy-busy schedule), I receive arcs –which I absolutely LOVE, I’ve started writing for a local newspaper-blog as well, I’ve joined my University's magazines and the best part? I’m going to work as an intern in a news channel in a few months! This may not be a superstar life but I'm fully engrossed in what I love doing and that is writing, which accounts for at least something.

There is so much that GoodReads has given me, and I still love it from the very bottom of my heart but I really hope it goes back to the way it was before. 


People say good things don't last forever but I want this one to. Please, I really want this one great thing that changed my life to last for a very long time, if not forever.