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Day 07 of 30 Day Book Challenge

Hounded - Kevin Hearne

Day 07 - A book that makes you laugh


 The book that pretty much restored my faith in Urban Fantasy and had me rolling with laughter. Hounded by Kevin Hearne had everything for the action fan to the nerd in all of us. It's just so damn great with the show stealer wolfhound Oberon the the cutie hero Atticus!


“Drives in the back of an ambulance are simultaneously boring and stressful. I needed a relief from both. Paramedic Man wasn’t about to talk to me anymore, so I decided to mess with him a bit. Am I above immature trickery? No. It keeps me young.
Using a bit of power recently banked in my bear charm, I bound a few of the natural threads in the elastic band of his underwear to the fine hairs in the center of his back about five inches up. The result was an instant wedgie. Those have been funny for two thousand years, but they’re even more hilarious when your victim is sanctimoniously trying to behave like he knows more then you.
I shouldn’t have done it, though, because his reaction- a girlish squeal followed by a high octave “Ahhh! What the fuck!?!?” and an abrupt attempt to stand up, cracks his head on the ceiling. …”




“I have been around long enough to discount most superstitions for what they are: I was around when many of them began to take root, after all. But one superstition to which I happen to subscribe is that bad juju comes in threes. The saying in my time was, "Storm clouds are thrice cursed," but I can't talk like that and expect people to believe I'm a twenty-one year-old American. I have to say things like, "Shit happens, man.”