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Day 06 of 30 Day Book Challenge

Old Yeller - Steven Polson, Fred Gipson

Day 06- Book that Makes you sad


 I remember crying buckets when I watch the 1950's Old Yeller movie that stayed heartbreaking true to the book. This book started a trend for me as a reader. Any book that deals with animals like Old Yeller to Marley will make me cry buckets. 

   It can't read any type of animal book that will not doubt make me teary eyed. I can even remember hating Cujo (movie) that also had me in tears (and even as a kid I blamed the people for not vaccinating the dog!) 


    I think it also shows how important our pets/babies are to us and  love them even more for just being there for us in their quiet, cheerful, steadfast ways...


.........*goes off to huggle her cat*