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Grave Dance (Alex Craft, #2) - Kalayna Price For me the second book of a series tend to be the deal breaker. If the first book in the series rocked, you want the second book to follow that hype or if the book was good you hope that the second book improved to save the series or if the first book was bad and still thought there may have been a thread to save it, it's usually the second book to save the day. Grave Dance had it's moments and did improve somewhat from it's predecessor while at the same time carrying the weaknesses that hinder the first book along with it. When a new case comes up, Alex's new gift give her a greater insight when she uncovers some bad magic in use and lots of body parts- mostly left feet. With her new powers acting up and tearing into planes themselves,she's forced to rely on those new powers when herself and her friends are being suddenly attacked by odd creatures and with Falin suddenly back she doesn't know where his heart lies and not forgetting the confession of love of the soul collector Death... Price left us with alot of unanswered questions that remain unanswered while presenting us more of the world and the new effects Alex's gifts have on not only the world but the planes. In Grave Witch Alex rely on her magic to get her out of alot of jams. Alex though relied on it a little to much at times, instead of using some leg work and her mind, Alex tended to walk in blind to many situations that could have used just a little more thought. There was bits of her brilliance that were quickly overshadowed by her just fumbling around. The story had alot of dead end trails that lead no-where or went so off the beaten path that the main focus of the story, the case was put on the back burner that it was jarring to find the focus of the story back on the cae. What bug me the most was the lack of character growth in many and all of the characters. After the events of Grave Witch I felt Alex most of all should have been more caution in her actions, but this never showed. The love triangle between her, Falin and Death was flimsy at best with nothing really growing or truly changing. The true highlight of the book was the world building. I loved how Price really built the story and the magic and now the fae courts. There's been a war brewing for sometime and alot of it is coming to head. Alex Craft still has alot of potential in it and that will make me end up perhaps checking out the next in the series. But that's a BIG "perhaps"