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White Roses and Starlight

White Roses and Starlight - Rhonda Woodward It's wonderful to see Rhonda Woodward writing again and she brings back her simple and light romantic style with White Roses and Starlight.Miss Marina Buckleigh is the eldest daughter of a baron and for being only nineteen has a nice head on her shoulders and takes everything in strive until she meets with a blond Adonis who takes her only a moonlight waltz . But everything stops when she runs face to face with Lord Fitzhugh Marquis of Cortland. It's been a awhile since I read where there's strong infatuation on the heroine's part. While that story wasn't done very well, but I don't have to say that about this book. Marina acts like a teen who has her first crush, thankfully doesn't act stupid or gets all hot and bother on the whim. Her infatuation quickly starts to die as a mature emotions start to emerge. All of us remember being a teen could understand Marina as she got carried away, it didn't diminish her as a character only made her stronger as she just grew from being a young teen to a young woman. While shortly blinded by her blond Adonis, Marina and Cortland draw swords from the start and slowly it evolves into a more understanding relationship. Cortland is one of my favorite type of hero. Being unapologetic about being who he is. A tad cool on the outside but baby does he burn bright on the outside. Being forced by his grandfather a duke to make he own way in the world. He sees things from a different angle the others. It doesn't mean he's all so perfect,nope, he is though willing to change and let down his shields. All the characters from the mean tabbies to the not so great suitors to Marina and Cortland's families and friends were all nicely done given a light touch to this overall gentle romantic story.