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The Sheik Retold - Victoria Vane,  Edith Maude Hull Yet again Victoria Vane adds her own retelling of an old story adding spice and a sensual haze like the hot desert sands. Vane, I felt stayed as close to the original story as she could while adding the sexual tone and some modem feel to it for the readers of today, it just added another dimensional to the story and the characters giving them different strengths and choices. With two stubborn hard headed people like Diana whose been given everything she's wanted and Ahmed whose never been denied anything, you know you in for a real treat to see how these two will fall, and fall hard for one another. The road for them is not an easy one but the sexual tension between them was at a perfect pitch. Not to say some readers may feel not be to thrilled with the 'forced seduction' and a sudden sex scene after both leads were whip was kinda jarring to me but I think the author did very well in writing the scene and one has to remember the time era, places and such involved. I really enjoyed it as being a fan of the old film and enjoyed the characters and it's untamed setting and era of time.