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The Smoke Thief - Shana Abe When it comes to romance novels that deals with paranormal or along those lines of magic etc. I've pretty much given up on. From my POV mostly, you can only do so much with vampires, werewolves and shape shifters before things get old- quick. So picking up Smoke Thief was taking a lump of salt and digging in and to be surprised on how much I loved it! Shana Abe writes her story with an ebb and flow to it, that sweeps you along for the ride. I loved the historical setting of her book and the story behind the race of drakon. I did have a little trouble from wanting to bite Kit’s head off at times with his overly “Alpha Male” speeches and actions toward Rue but I having to remember he’s a dragon before a human, but in the end does prove himself. Rue is no wimp herself and stands on her own against Kit and anyone else and shows her heart is pure gold.. The one things I adore about the book was Abe’s descriptions of the dragons taking flight in the night air, almost making me feel I was flying with them. Amazing. Just as amazing as the book!