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Ghostland - Jory Strong This was such a pleasant surprise for someone like myself whose been away from urban fanstay romance now for many years. I really enjoyed the vast and sometimes very complex world of Ghostland from it’s supernaturals to it’s everyday humans. From the eyes of Aisling you could get a feeling of the differences between human classes, even those “gifted” Aisling was at times very cold that it hard to understand her, but as you read you start to see her and what’s she’s had to live through in this new world. The cost of just trying to live Zurael was an Djinn alpha-male and most of the time I don’t care for the overly Alpha-male but Zurael proved he was more then thinking about sex and trying to make Aisling submit to him and really went out of his way to protect and love her. The meat of the story really pulled you in as Aisling and Zurael tracked down the makers of Ghost, but I felt at times they’re sex scenes almost got in the way of the story instead of flowing with along with it. The sex scenes were hot don’t get me wrong, but sometimes I felt they were like a commercial break before getting back to the main story. This happen mostly toward the end for me as I was so wrapped up as Jory Strong made you feel you were getting close to understanding whom was behind all of this. For a first book in the series it did have some trouble, as the world is layed out before you, you sometimes get the sense your getting to much info to follow. The brief appearance of a vampire lord almost felt unnecessary to the rest of the story, but left it open to follow in another book. Overall, I really enjoyed the story that Jory Strong made and the layers that hasn’t yet to be uncovered in the world of Ghostland. I can’t wait to see more of the world of supernaturals!