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Daughter of the Forest - Juliet Marillier It's been such a long time since one book has made me feel one strong emotion from another. From tears to rage This book will make you feel something wether you like it or not This was an beauitful book with sometimes some harsh underlining factors that made me cringe and at one time wanna rip out the pages, but as I read I couldn't help by be drawn even more deeply into the story. I won't lie and say I wasn't PO'd at the abuse Sorcha suffered but your showed she was stronger and was able to beat anything in her path no matter how hard it appeared to be. But this book wasn't about beating the odds, but the bonds between two people. between family. about love. No matter the distance or the pains, love will always be there to heal and touch our lives in ways we can't even think of. Overall an amazing book with an amazing heroine in Sorcha and even though it was long, sad, and hard fought I was happy for her happy ever after!