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A Prudent Match - Laura Matthews A Prudent Match was okay. That pretty much sums up the books feel to me. It wasn't bad but it wasn't some great regency romance to write home about It started with promise and I wish the author went with the flow and center more on the couple and Prudence getting over her fears of the marriage bed instead of making it sound like she was a idiot and jump into bed with her two week husband already. Ledbetter wasn't much either, he was okay and does improve at the end, but when the story would start to pick up, he'd start to think to much about bedding his wife and running her off. Most of all it felt that everything became dull until the end with unnecessary mystery wrapped up in a neat package. It's okay book and can be read in a few hours, but don't look for more depth in this simple regency romance- you won't find any