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The Scandalous Lady Wright - Marion Chesney This read more like a Regency Mystery then a Regency Romance as Lady Wright is pointed to be the murderer of her abusive husband. Finding no way to turn by to run, she’s surprised when the Comte Saint-Juste stands up to help her figure out who the real killer is. The story didn’t leave any room for any real character depth or romance, with the story filled mostly with Lady Wright and Comte Saint-Juste putting their heads together to find the murderer. Making it a very quick read as the story really unfolded very quickly. I did get tried of Lady Wright and Comte Saint-Juste into between trying to find out who the murderer was, ran around and around each other which left no room for romance to bloom. Plus Emma doesn’t know the Comte Saint-Juste’s name until the very last page. Overall: a very quick real with a good mystery but no real romance.