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Cry For Passion - Robin Schone Rose Charring married for love, but although she loves her husband, their passion between one another dies as he can’t give her a child. Dying a slow death of loneliness , Rose sees only one way out and that’s a divorce. Jack Lodoun gave up the love of his life for power, and when Rose asks him to help her get a divorce for the reasons above, he knows the impossibility to it, but can’t help be admire the courage of Rose, so setting up a deal between each other before he takes her case, Jack asks Rose if passion can surpass vows between a man and wife. As Rose and Jack embark on a passion filled journey, their lives starts to be to be filled more by love then the passion they thought they sought and slowly the grief and loneliness that so shadowed their lives start to fade away, but trouble still looms heavy of this couple and both must fight to win their freedom in order to be with one another. The third in the Men’s and Women’s Club series, focuses on one of it’s members Rose Charring whom married for loved, but when a child isn’t born between her and her husband, her husband pushes her away and lays blame on her thin shoulders for the lack of a child, even though it’s know he’s sterile from a case of the mumps. Rose is tried of this loveless marriage and wants out, so when she asks Jack Lodoun for help, she’s surprised by his request:. To have sex with him and discovery passion. Jack was in love with a married woman, but when he chosen his career over her knowing there was no way out of her marriage, so after her death, Jack lives for his job. While both agree to them terms of their affair, both relived deep hurts from the lives and loves. The theme of adultly isn’t a popular among romance fans, Robin Schone weaves a strong case for Rose and why she does what she does. Her husband in small terms is a major ass. Setting her up and more or less forcing her into a affair so she may become with a child, using her as mere incubator to have child. While I don’t feel he was a true villain in any sense of the word, he was delusional, not caring about her feelings but a mere thing or body to have children with. Jack did redeem himself from the “bad guy” in Scandalous Lovers, but I felt the story focus to much on Rose then Jack and Rose as a couple, while the sex scenes between them are blazing hot, there was just to much sex and not enough story for me, the story dragged in some parts making you want to either skip or skim through the parts.Overall: a great story with a lot of hot scenes, asking you what makes a woman a woman, the limits in passion. Showing you how grief and loneliness bloom into love.