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Montana Rose - Mary Connealy Cassie Griffin is stuck between a rock and a hard place, not only is her overbearing husband dead and left her pregnant and in heavy debt but the local cattle baron tyrant wants her and her land in a neat package on the same day her husband is buried. With everyone fighting over her life she was nothing more then a thing then a human being a young man steps up and saves her from more then another unwanted marriage. Red Dawson has always loved Cassie Griffin from afar, her china doll appearance always struck a cord deep in his heart, and when she’s left alone and being fought over, he steps up to take care of her and marries her . Unsure what he’s gotten himself into, Red sets her up at his small ranch home/cave and tries to teach her the way of the ranch life. Until he finds out that she is a walking disaster! With a little love, patience and a lot of faith, Red and Cassie find strength and love through the path God has put before them. The one word that echos in my mind through this book was HALLMARK! But in a good way! Montana Rose would be a wonderful Hallmark movie with it’s humor, it’s story, and the message of faith in the Lord. While this is a Christian romance the messages of believing in God are not in your face all the time, but is very pronounced throughout the story with Red being a Christian man and teaching Cassie to have faith in herself and God having to lock that part of herself away or get a beating from her husband who liked to dress her like a doll and treat her as one then a human being. Cassie learns about herself, and through Red’s love and teachings opens up and truly becomes someone: herself. Red was a sweetheart, a kind and tender hero who was strong but believed in forgiveness and his faith to see him through the darkness. His love for Cassie grows leaps and bounds as he watches her grow from a walking disaster to a strong woman who would give him sass if he stepped out of line. Red would tease and banter Cassie into back talking to him to finally break free from that obedient wife shell her first husband made her create around herself. This book had a lot of sweet and fun moments and some that made me cry. While I enjoyed the book greatly, I felt some parts could have been left out or were unnecessary to the whole of the story. Mostly with the secondary character Belle having to many parts, I felt it could have been left out or put in for her own book. Another part I found really odd was Cassie sudden crazy changes after having her baby, I have been with a few mothers after they gave birth and they didn’t act insane/crazy/bossy like she did. Lucky, she went back to normal but with a backbone of steel! The “villain” finally faced with going down two paths one of good or evil was one of the golden moments and really hit home the message the book was carrying all along. Forgiveness. Which brought a few tears to my eyes. Overall: This was such a sweet read, with a strong messages of love, forgiveness, understanding, having faith in God and oneself and loving one another.