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Fascinated - Bertrice Small, Susan Johnson, Thea Devine, Robin Schone Review: Robin Schone's a Man and a Woman Megan Barnwell a widow, going back to her once childhood home after a long a loveless marriage. When she stops at a inn and overhears a Arab asking for a whore for the night, not giving much thought into her actions, Megan switches places with the whore and goes to the room instead, longing for one night of passion in a man’s arms. Muhamed or Connor is going back to see his family after so many of being away, while trying to outrun the heartache of hurting a man he considers his son and the horrors he has lived through since he was just a boy. Proving to himself once and for all of being truly a man, Connor asks for a whore but when a older woman appears at his door, neither him or Megan are prepared for the discoveries they make of each other. With a Man and a Woman Robin asks the reader the question: what makes a man a man amd what makes a woman a woman? The sequel to The Lady’s Tutor, you catch up with Connor the man servant and protector of Ramiel from TLT as he was faces countless emotions from seeing his family after so many years, the argument he had with Ramiel before he left and the horrible events that lead him to be a eunuch. Connor is a deeply scarred man of 53 and also still a virgin. He finally decides to see if he’s able to not only give a woman pleasure but also receive pleasure. Connor’s history can be jarring and painful to read, as he talks about his past, how he became a eunuch and even the types of eunuches there are. While Ramiel describes the pleasures found in the Harem, Connor shows you another point of view and more of the life of those whom live in the harem. I really felt for Connor in TLT and after reading “A Man and A Woman” I just adored him more, although cold on the outside, he yearns to finally be truly a man. Megan feels like half a woman after finding out she’s barren. When he husband finds out, blames her and pretty much leaves her and her bed. I wanted to hug Megan after all the hell she went through, but she was pretty much the only one who could truly understand what Connor is going through and the need. The sex in the story is not only erotic, but flows so seamlessly between these two people as they reveal their vulnerabilities and mostly the need to prove they’re more then their sex. Overall: a short story with a big message with two tragic characters as they find their answer to the question what makes a man, a man and what makes a woma,n a woman.