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Whispered Secrets - Shiloh Walker Whew! This was three smokin’ hot reads, I think I got singe! One of The Guys Jaynie never thought her fiancé would live out his ménage fantasy and cheat on her, but to add salt to the wound, tells her she can’t be a real woman! Trying to regain some sort of grounding and confidence, turns to her very sexy business partner and old friend for a night of sex. Brian on the other hand can’t get the night of sex outta his head and goes out to prove there’s more between him and Jaynie…. The sex between Brian and Jaynie was smoking, but even though Brian was pretty dominate in bed he was a sweetie and really cared about Jaynie and built her confidence up after her bad break-up. Could have done without the big misunderstanding at the end.4 Stars Whipped Cream and Handcuffs Tessa has been getting some very sexy “gifts” from an admirer along with some phone calls and letters. Making her rethink of her engagement when her admirer comes and gives her a light night call and proves they’re meant together. This focus on this story was sorely on the sex between Tessa and her admirer Caleb , with no room for character development or showing any real personality 3 starsSilk Scarves and Seduction Marc and Blush have been enemies for a long time, but have been secretly in love with each other just as long, so as a surprise/prank Blush sends some racy pictures to Marc without showing her face, but it doesn’t take long for Marc to figure out who the sender is and sets out for his own little gift…seduction of Blush. Out of the three this story was my favorite, I really felt the relationship between Marc and Blush click from the start. The sex between the two really had me reaching for a cool glass of water and even with the misunderstanding toward the end, it was cute how they both made up 4 starsOverall: all three stories were good, with a lot of hot and very yummy sex scenes and some very sexy dirty talk ;Dbe warned: Lots of explicit sex scenes: oral, anal ,spanking and sex toys.