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The Wedding Night - Linda Needham Mairey Faelyn comes from a long line of antiquarians and following in her father’s footsteps, Mairey has become well known in the antiquarian world, so to say she’s surprised would be an understatement when she’s tracked down and forced between an rock and hard place by a well know business man Lord Jackson Rushford to find him a hidden silver mine and it’s key Willowmoon Knot.. As she learns more about Jack and his hidden sides, she’s forced to chose between the man she’s fallen in love with and a secret that has been passed down by her family she must protect.. As one lovely lady reviewer said in her review, she didn’t know what the "printers" were smoking that they came up with the title and little blurb for this book. Just forget about them, as the blurb really makes this book sound tame (which it’s not)and this book had really nothing to do with a wedding or a wedding night to boot. From the outset this book never slows down in it’s pace and just pulled you in from the first page. You meet Mairey whose collecting folklore tales for her book from local children about a dragon when she comes face to face with a real life dragon in the form of a man named Lord Jackson Rushford. Mairey maybe beautiful but it’s her spunk and brains that really endures her to the reader. She fearless in her pursuit to protect her family’s long carried secret but also her love of her family. She can be happy go-lucky and charming and a little bit devilish, and loving and caring to her three younger sisters. Mairey is not impressed by Jack at their first meetings, and will go toe to toe with the Viscount in order for him not to have his way. But as she starts to see beyond the protecting dragon scales to the lonely and wonderful man, Mairey can’t help but fall in love with the man. You try to fight the urge to roll your eyes and breathe a sigh of anger when you first meet Jackson Rushford. In plain terms comes across as pushy, cunning, pain in the butt. Yup, I didn’t care for him at the start and wonder how he could ever be likeable. But you start to see breaks in his armor that he cast around him from the death of his father in a mine cave-in and the lost of his mother and three younger sisters whom he’s been looking for eighteen years for. Jackson has to claw his way out from the bottom to reach where he is now and learning from the past Jack doesn’t put anything past safety in his mines and will dig with his bare hands to save someone. Jack is an amazing lead, as he opens his wounded heart to Mairey as he has to overcome his losses and opens his arms wide open to embrace his second chance at a family and love. Jack was a mix of being a brute, a tender man and a prude with laugh of loud moments. Mairey and Jack’s attraction to one another could burn the house down, it was that hot, but it was lead up to and took time as both didn’t really trust one another at the start, but the love scenes between them is smokin’! Their banter between them will have you smiling and laughing out loud as Mairey delights in making Jack blush at some things.... One scene had me laughing so hard I was crying, as they search for the willowmoon knot they come across “something” a snippet of the part: (Jack)“ Completely drained of words he could use in public, he flapped his arm in the direction of the drawer. “Ancient stone phallic objects “ she offered “This isn’ a subject to be discussed between a man and a woman.” “My parents did” Jack felt feverish “In fact, my father presented my mother with a phallus on every one of her birthdays that I can remember” “Christ Woman! The were married to each other!” “Devoted.” (Mairey picks up a naked belly goddess) He shallowed hard “I suppose your grandmother collected those to? “Oh No, but my grandfather did” Jack threw up his hands “Well fine let’s get back to looking for that willow-knotty thing” Jackson Rushford you’re a prude! With it’s bits of history lessons as Jack and Mairey track down the Knot, I loved everything about it. With Mairey’s sisters trying to get the fairies in the woods to come out to play as Mairey tells her stories and the girls ask Jack to help make cakes with them. There was a slight stumble toward the end with Mairey being a little thick-headed in just telling the truth to Jack, but I was happy it went by quickly. Overall: this was such a fun and delightful book I didn’t want it to end and at the same time I couldn’t wait to finally read how the dragon was finally able to get his happy ever after.