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Mouth to Mouth - Erin McCarthy When Laurel Wilkins is targeted by a con artist who steals from women whom he meets on the net, Detective Russ Evans is stuck between and rock and a hard place with using Laurel as bait to lure the con artist or find a way to get her into his bed for a wild fling that will leave both wondering if it’s more then a fling and more along the lines of love This was such a cute read with nothing heavy in drama and more along the lines of couple dealing with their problems and meeting in the middle ground. When detective Russ Evans finds a clue left by con artist Trevor Dean to meet up with women he places as his next target, Russ is floored when he meets Laurel whom knows his name knows whom he is and his beautiful. When the pieces fall into place that Trevor is using Russ and others names, Russ thinks to use Laurel as bait, finding out about her hearing impairment and pulls the reins on that plan, but can’t help but set up his own plan to have a wild sex fling with Laurel. Laurel wants to break out of her mold she’s placed herself in after he father’s death, stuck between the hearing world and the non-hearing world, everyone has taken care of Laurel and Laurel has taken the careful way in her life, but for her enough is enough. She wants wild and she wants a hot fling and when fate drops Russ into her life, she takes the chance and grabs it with both hands. When the fling becomes hot and heavy, both start to see there may be more to this fling then just sex. Even with Trevor Dean still lurking in the background, Russ and Laurel deal with the differences and come to terms with a troubles. Russ and Laurel were so normal both have very real life troubles, Russ dealing with his parents death and having to raise his kid brother, he wasn’t the type of guy to fall in love with just any woman. He tries to overprotect his kid brother and Laurel while keeping them at arms length. Russ starts to see that his brother wanted his support and Laurel wanted to be able to stand on her own, he finally stops running away from commitments and be there for the people in his life. Laurel stuck herself into a mold because she thought that’s what she wanted and was needed, but finally needed to break the mold and stand on her own feet She even taught Russ a few things and stood up and butted heads with him to make him see reason or her side things. The love scenes in this book was smoking hot, I do wonder why I always get stuck reading scenes with food and sweets? First chocolate and bananas now Pixy Stix? *grins* Not that am complaining, cause I never looking the same way again at Pixy Stix that’s for sure! The only trouble I had with the overall book was the sudden swift away from Russ and Laurel to a secondary romance between Russ partner and Laurel friend that came toward the end of the book and kinda dragged the story along. I wouldn’t have minded more focus on Sean and Russ relationship, even the a-hole Trevor Dean was forgotten for awhile. These were small grapes to compare to the overall cutest and fun read of the book as I zoomed through. Overall: an enjoyable, fun and cute book that doesn’t dwell on the dark drama, but the ups and down of any growing relationship with the few bumps in the road and a happy ever after at the end!

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