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Twelve Nights (Blaze Historicals #5) (Harlequin Blaze #512) - Hope Tarr Callum Fraser is in love for the first time in his life but keeping a promise to stay out of beloved bride Lady Alys bed has driven him to the brink, and when the wedding day finally arrives things look great..that is until Alys dead first husband shows up... alive! The sequel to Bound to Please, Twelve Nights focus this time around on Callum Fraser the twin of Ewan Fraser from BTP, Callum while the oldest and the larid has always been a bad boy and set in his bad ways, until he meets up with Alys. Callum falls in love fast and will do anything to keep Alys with him, even making a promise to his future bride to stay out of her bed until their Christmas wedding. When the day finally arrives Callum can’t wait to take his bride to their bed, until a stranger comes forth and is reveled to be none other the Alys dead husband. Alys faints dead away, even under those pox scars Alys sees that the stranger is indeed her thought to be dead husband, After his so called dead she had to raise their son alone and becomes she was so far away from her family and alone she worked as a prostitute for a short time until she meets Brianna MacLeod whom helps her keep her son safe and becomes a maid to Branna and meets and falls in love with Callum. Things seem to finally look up for Alys, until her husband comes to collect her and drag her and their son back to London. Knowing she can’t disobey him, she leaves all she has come to love behind. But there’s more behind Alys once dead husband an deep evil and greed. With time running out Callum sets out to prove that Alys is indeed his wife and will move heaven and earth to prove his love. I loved Bound to Please, and was looking forward to Twelve Nights, which turned out to be an enjoyable read, but doesn’t come close to Bound to Please in overall “greatness”. Am not saying it bad, but I felt it really lacked a lot that made Bound to Please so enjoyable. Callum was a so called bad boy and you do get a glimpse of that in BTP, but in this book he becomes a strong man whose heart is broken once Alys dead husband shows up, and willing to prove his love..and that’s it. He doesn’t really move on from that or show more depth. He’s likeable, and a great hero but in character development he stays at a stand still. Alys was suppose to be a strong woman and only shows this sometimes and mostly toward the end, most of the time she is dragged along meekly by her husband instead of getting in his face and wondering where he’s been at all this time while she suffered alone. I know a woman’s lot back in the olde’ days was to follow her husband till the ends of the earth like a good little wife, but come on! I know a lot of women stood up to their husband back then to and I felt Alys needed to show more backbone! When it comes to Blaze I expect oodles of sexual tension and hot love scenes, this time I got a little bit of sexual tension and a “meh” one love scene. I felt kinda cheated. The story focus more on the “time is running out to save the woman” and live happy ever after with everyone coming to help. Which was good, but I didn’t feel should have been a Blaze title book. At least they kept the same male model for this book as they did in BTP to show about the twins.Overall: a quick and enjoyable read to past the time with a good story and good leads. But nothing to sing at the top of the roofs about...

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