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Amorous Liaisons - Sarah Mayberry Maddy Green's world has crumbled with the lost of her career, knowing only one person who would understand, her best friend Max Laurent, but soon Maddy starts to see Max in a different light from friend to lover. Maddy must choose between her love for Max and a chance to get back her career..... You always know you picked up a great book when the author offers great depth in their characters, a wonder plot and in such a format such as Harlequin Blaze. Sarah Mayberry is such a great surprise. Her story Amorous Liaisons doesn’t just focus on art and dance but the what after the dance is over, what then? Sarah gives you glimpse into the world with Maddy. Maddy whose been dancing since she’s been a child and finally a prima ballerina star in her own right on stage, but after a career ending knee injury, everything Maddy has worked so hard on all her life is taken away from her. Lost without a clue in what to do, she hops on a plane and travels to Paris to see the only person whom would understand and whose been there for her before her best friend Max Laurent. After so many years apart Maddy and Max quickly pick up with their friendship like years apart never happen. Until Maddy stumbles upon Max in the shower and the desire she kept hidden away starts to rise to the top until there’s no stopping in. Even when they have sex Maddy feels a great guilt upon her shoulders and doesn’t want sex to ruin what they have, but her feelings won’t be hidden away and soon she and Max are lovers, but she must choose between having chance at a career or loving Max. Maddy shows the aftermath of building a career and to have it one day taken all away from you. Many ballerinas go through this lost and you never know the lost of something unless you walk in the person shoes and Mayberry gives the reader a chance to feel Maddy lost, confusion and heartache. Maddy deals with a lot of pain through her life with her career always coming first, finding herself again was her journey through the book. Maddy showed a strength when she took the reins to help Max’s little niece whose autistic. I liked Maddy but I felt she kept making Max her security blanket even when they got into a relationship, making the relationship feel somewhat unbalance. Lucky for us the readers this was fleshed out. Max Laurent dreamed of being a dancer and falling in love with his roommate Maddy Green. But when his father falls ills, he gives it up in order to be there for his family. The years go by and his father is finally at peace, and Max is left with moving on, his outlit is his bronze statues. One day Max returns to his apartment to see Maddy at his doorstep in need of help, and all the love he had for her is still burning bright as ever. Max holds back his feelings again as he sees Maddy is in need of him as a friend then a lover. Although it gets tough when he need a nude model for his next showing and Maddy offers to help and when a kiss between them leads to some to sex Max is even more torn between helping Maddy and loving Maddy. Even when they start a relationship Max feels he’s losing time and tries to make ever second count knowing he’ll lose Maddy a second time when she goes back to the stage. Max was those yummy heroes, he was once a dancer and sexy as sin lover. Beyond that he was a true friend, had a huge heart that took a lot of hits and was willing to let Maddy go back to the stage even when it would break his heart into a million pieces. Max was a knight in a shining armor willing to pick up the problems of others to help them along, while this does sound swoon-worthy, this also lead to the very dreaded BIG MISUNDERSTANDING with Max thinking of pushing Maddy into her career then breaking all ties with her instead of talking it out with her. This was very cliche and can bring any book down (been there done that feel) The gift Max made for Maddy did bring a few tears to my eyes, I couldn’t help thinking the misunderstanding could have been left out. In true Blaze fashion this book had some very steamy moments, but also offer the reader some great depth in the characters and even the lives of others, but doesn’t take away from the main couple, but adds that bit of spark and understanding to them.Overall: I really enjoyed this book, and even if it had it’s moments of downs, those were few and were fleshed out to bring a few happy tears in the end as the couple finds their love and happiness in each other.