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Remember Me (Angels and Demons) - Genella deGrey Dacious is a fallen angel from the time of that of Lucifer's fall from grace, not knowing what he was truly doing, falls from heaven onto earth. After his fall only thought is his quest for redemption. One night after an unsuccessful talk with the queen on the vampire, meets up with a young clairvoyant Gemmah Parker who’s light draws him in and shortly thereafter falling in love with her. Gemmah life hasn’t been the greatest, but she makes due with what she can, until the day she meets Dacious and not only has to fight for him, but fight for their love. This read more like a paranormal romance then a historical paranormal romance with many of it’s inaccuracies showing up early in the book, although small faults, it felt like it took away to much from story. Dacious was a great hero, but like Gemmah they came off as just a little to perfect? Although haunted by his past deeds, I felt he was kinda dumb not to know he was turning against God and what he was doing when he went with Lucifer, Gemmah was okay, but just way on the Mary Sue perfect side for me. It annoyed me with all the quick scene skipping, one moment here the next here. I could have done without the vampire queen after Dacious for sex, but I did find the story of the birth of Lucifer as a fallen angel pretty cool.Overall: a quick afternoon read, with a fallen angel looking for love and redemption. An “okay” read