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Simply Unforgettable (Simply Quartet #1) - Mary Balogh Caught in a snowstorm and stranded in a small inn, Frances Allard, Lucius Marshall feel a spark of dislike that turns into a flaming attraction and a night of passion, but when they go their ways, they still a deep pull that memory wouldn’t fade, and Lucius is determined to have Frances one or another, as Frances fights to keep her past a secret or lose your heart to Lucius The first in the Simply series by Mary Balogh, was a good start for the series, but along the way it ended up being flat and rushed even with it’s slow easy pace. Frances Allard is a school teacher visiting her Great-aunts on her way back to her teaching, when she’s overtaken by a fast moving carriage on a snow cover road. Thinking the man was crazy, she’s startled to see the man again whom informs her their both stuck and the snow won’t let them move on. Frances can’t believe her luck at being stuck in a deserted inn with this handsome and pushy stranger, but as the hours and day passes she starts to enjoy this man’s company and laughter and his company, she feels a unwanted a attraction that leads to having a great night of passion, but as she finds out this man is a peer, she feels there is no hope between them, and as they part ways, she still feels heartbroken but tries to put behind the face of Viscount Sinclair Lucius Marshall.. Lucius resumed his life, but can’t get the night of lovemaking with Frances out of his head, and when a chance encounter which he hear her sings like an angel, causes Lucius feelings to come back full force. Lucius sees this a chance to be with Frances, but as she fights him at ever turn and even turns him down to become his wife. Lucius still won’t give up or take no for an answer, and is willing to move mountains for Frances for become a singing star, even at the risk of loving her love forever. While the story is slow-paced many of the story have a blocky feel to them, which the events happen. The beginning had a lot of promise with Frances and Lucius, and as they parted ways, the theme of reunited lovers would have been perfect, expect with Frances keeping her great secret hidden for most of the book, and for the reader the great reveled wasn’t all that great. Not that Frances was a great character, but the bouncing back and forth between Lucius and her got old and when she sees what he’s been trying to do for her, she very suddenly let’s her emotions go. All I could think about was “eh” and keep reading. Lucius one the other hand keep pushing and pushing and pushing and pushing! I know he meant well, but I felt he was just going overboard with his schemes to get Frances as first his mistress, then wife and this for her to become a singing star. He didn’t take no for an answer, while that could be seen as endearing because he loved Frances, he was made me mule-headed, running blind without seeing all the facts. There was many returning characters along with new supporting characters that moved the story along, but the focus was well and truly on Frances and Lucius romance and their growing love and how they overcome each other’s barriers. Overall: a good start to the Simply series, but in the end Simply Unforgettable was simply a good story.