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The Education of Mrs. Brimley - Donna MacMeans When Emma Brimley pretends to be a widow in order to work at a all girl’s school, she’s shocked to learn she’ll be teaching more then literary, but getting the girls reading for relationship with their future husbands! Turning to the neighboring artist with a rep for being a rake Lord Nicholas Chambers, to help her teach the girls some bedroom etiquette, didn’t prepare her for losing her heart in the deal! I truly lost my heart to this stunning book, I couldn’t get enough of both Nicholas and Emma and had to re-read it twice in a row! Emma Brimy is running away from a uncle who only wants to get rid of her to pay off his debts, stun all her life for being born on the wrong side of the blanket. Emma feels a deep lack of confidence. Emma comes up with a plan to fled her uncle, when she comes across a help wanted ad for a teacher. In widow weeds, Emma passes herself off as a young widow, and on the way to the school on a snow night, she meets a man very much in his cups whom spouts poetry. Only to find out later he’s a well-known rake whom lives close to the school, another shocker lays on Emma when she learns she must teach the young girls how to handle bedroom affairs with the husband when they marry- only Emma is as innocent as her students! Knowing her options are very limited, she turns to the neighboring rake and artist Lord Chambers, and when a deal is settled between them having Emma pose for his next panting, she never thought in her wildest dreams she lose her heart along the way.. Nicholas Chambers, known as Lord Bedchambers, due to always bringing women home, holds this image so he won’t be bother by anyone while he works on his artwork, trying to prove to himself and his brother and father. Nicholas is curious of the new teacher and young widow thinking it was all in his drunk head, but when she steps into his house asking for help to teach her students sexual interactions with their future husbands, Nicholas is very surprised this widow is very innocent, but also finds it a great challenge to find a way around her demand not to touch her and find a way to get her in his bed, while getting his painting complected, but the more time he spends with Emma the more he can’t get enough of her, and the more he knows he’ll never be able to let her go.... The Education of Mrs. Brimley hits on a lot of my loves in romance novels, not only did it have two memorable leads in Emma and Nicholas, bit it had s sexual tension that could be cut with a knife, with mere words and how Donna MacMeans set up the scene had me fanning my blushing face~! While from different walks of life, both Nicholas and Emma had a deep vulnerability the really drew them to one another, Emma lacked confidence in herself due to years of having been put down by her uncle and cousin, this didn’t mean Emma was without a backbone, far from it! She stood her ground over and over, but she never truly knew her own self-worth and inner light until she met Nicholas whom made her see her own beauty While at the same time she gave a gift of accepting Nicholas beyond what he wanted others to see, to accept his art. Nicholas was looking to find in his art a sense of self-worth, behind it all, he cared and loved deeply, and even going as far as to take care of his godchild from a distance. Nicholas wasn’t beyond being sly, with a wicked wit and the words he seduced Emma with, were beyond hot, without it being corny or icky. Very smooth. Both really gave each other up something in order for the other to be happy and to show their love, while things didn’t always go as plan as we like, it was still very beautiful to see them fall in love with one another. Another great aspect of this book, was while it couldn’t turn out to have things that’s been done before in other books, this book was all original, from Emma trying to bargain her way out of painting her only her slip and Nicholas getting fooled into having his painting shown. There was chances of having a huge misunderstanding, but MacMeans went the high road and made it very sweet and romantic with Emma and Nicholas showing their feelings and talking to one another then having to do down the “Oh!~ I misunderstood- road” With the secondary characters like the spinsters sisters to Nicholas brother (which am happy to learn gets his own book along with his comeuppance!) Moved the story along nicely, and while I was sad to see it end, I couldn’t help but sigh happily at seeing Nicholas and Emma’s HEA, and a peek into their continuing happiness.Overall: The Education of Mrs. Brimley was a true and enjoyable education with a deep and wonderful romance with two amazing leads. I give this book a few golden stars and an A+ !